Educational Programs

Summer Youth Theatre

For 10 years the Ramona Bowl has presented an educational opportunity for students ages 5-18. For three weeks they rehearse 8 am to Noon learning singing techniques, acting skills and how to dance. At the end of the rehearsal time everyone is in a full scale musical for the general public. All students have a part in the play. In the past we have presented Alice and Wonderland, Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, Camp Rock, High School Musical and The Little Mermaid.

The registration fee for this program is $50. We are always looking for generous sponsors who donate so we can scholarship some of the students. (Some families have 3 and 4 children in the program)

Fourth Grade Day At Ramona

5000 fourth graders in one location! Feel the excitement!

2014 Program P14Every year the Ramona Bowl hosts fourth graders throughout the San Jacinto Valley to a special performance of Ramona. Yes, it is educational, (the Ramona Pageant covers almost all of the fourth grade standards in social studies) but it has cowboys, fiesta, Native American dancers. How much more memorable is a living breathing recreation of those exciting early California times than simply reading it in a book. Besides the historical content, many of these students have never attended a live theatrical performance, and the Pageant is one they will never forget. Many of the performers in the Pageant can tell stories of how they saw the Pageant in the fourth grade and decided then that some day they would be in it (and that includes several past Ramona’s and Alessandro’s.)