Educational Programs

Summer Youth Theatre

The Bowl is always looking for the next Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Jaden Smith or Jonas Brother. Does your child have talent? Can they sing, dance or act? Would they like to learn how to do those things?

Every summer the Ramona Bowl presents the Summer Youth Theatre program open to children ages 5-18. This four week program not only presents a live performance but it teaches singing techniques as well as theatre basics including blocking, stage positions, character analysis and choreography. Every student is in the production and finishes the summer with wonderful memories of new friends and new talents. There are challenging roles for teenagers but younger children are often featured as well, a 9 year old playing the Major-General in “Pirates of Penzance”, an 8 year old as the Red King in “Alice in Wonderland”, a 7 year old Alice, a 6 year old Iago in “Aladdin”.

Fourth Grade Day At Ramona

5000 fourth graders in one location! Feel the excitement!

2014 Program P14Every year the Ramona Bowl hosts fourth graders throughout the San Jacinto Valley to a special performance of Ramona. Yes, it is educational, (the Ramona Pageant covers almost all of the fourth grade standards in social studies) but it has cowboys, fiesta, Native American dancers. How much more memorable is a living breathing recreation of those exciting early California times than simply reading it in a book. Besides the historical content, many of these students have never attended a live theatrical performance, and the Pageant is one they will never forget. Many of the performers in the Pageant can tell stories of how they saw the Pageant in the fourth grade and decided then that some day they would be in it (and that includes several past Ramona’s and Alessandro’s.)